September.. October…. errr and November Newsletter

Okay, so I know I mentioned someone was slacking last time on the newsletters.. turns out that someone.. who is still me, has been slacking even more than normal. But cut me some slack! I have been guiding and cooking! It’s a rough life! 😉

So lets see.. what’s been going on around here..

In September we had some amazing archery hunts. One of our favorite hunts are the archery elk hunts in unit 7. This is one of the most incredible hunts around. You will be faced with screaming, rutting bulls right up in your face. Area 7 is one of the most well-known elk areas in Wyoming. After hunting it, there’s so question as to why it is! Not only is the elk hunting phenomenal, but the scenery is absolutely stunning!

Then October rolled around… Holy crap! Talk about a busy month. I don’t know that we were even able to take a breath this month but that’s what we live for!!
We had some great antelope, deer and elk hunts. Sometimes pictures say more than words.. so lets just get to some pictures!
10386292_10152410083375334_2681976684930237973_n antelope 2 antelope 3 antelope 4 antelope  packing STEVE DOUDT
cactusold elk

Need I say more about our October???!! And that’s not even all of them. That’s just what I had handy on my computer!

November has given us more elk hunts, the start of cat hunts and of course some whitetails! Oh.. and also a wall tent fire in an elk camp. Unfortunately, Dirk and I lost a lot of stuff, but thanks to some amazing friends and an even better relationship, we have bounced back better than before!
greys 2 mike greys 3 greys 4 greys

We’ve still got a little bit of time left to November but I figured if I didn’t update now, I’d end up making this a 4 month long newsletter. Hopefully I will have a little more spare time to keep things updated now. So stick with us! More excitement to come! 🙂


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