August Newsletter

Okay, so someone has been slacking at their job around here at GPO. That someone is actually me. I apologize for not getting an August Newsletter out sooner. We went from no hunting to full on hunting starting out with Andy Ross and his crew coming to town for a few days. Then it went straight into an archery antelope hunt with a party of 10 people.
We had a lot of fun with the Andy Ross crew, we had a few days of bowfishing, prairie dog hunting and blowing up Build A Bear Monkeys. Always a good time with these boys and make sure you check our the episodes on the Sportsmans Channel!
Then we had the Pavilion Construction crew out for an archery antelope hunt. This group was incredibly fun and they were able to all tag out! We hope they come back again
  Practice makes perfect, it really does! We cannot stress to you how important it is to make sure your bow or rifle is sighted in before going on a hunt. Shooting all through the year is the best way to ensure your chances of tagging out are better. Also, when you get to camp make sure to shoot a couple of times to make sure you are still where you want to be. Different elevations can affect the way your bullets and arrows fly!
We are now on to our Douglas camp and will be starting with some archery elk hunters next week. Hopefully we will have some great success stories! I will also try to get back with a September newsletter after the elk hunt. That way maybe I can get the September newsletter done BEFORE October! I will leave you with some pictures from going down to get the Douglas camp ready! Have we mentioned this is like our favorite camp?!
IMG_0686 IMG_0694 IMG_0760 IMG_0765 IMG_0766 IMG_0788 IMG_0810 IMG_0840 IMG_0847


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